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Anaerobic Digestion Plant Project

August 2018- Herfordshire


Vargo pipes supplied ECOPEX® a flexible pre insulated PEX-a pipe system for a new anaerobic digestion (AD) plant in Herefordshire, with an increased site capacity of over 2 megawatts. These pipes are supplying heat to new tanks, a series of barns and farmhouses. The site also has a number of chicken sheds heated from the AD tanks. The district heating network installed is very efficient with low heat losses, as the ECOPEX® is a fully bonded system. ECOPEX® pipes are made of polyurethane foam with a thermal conductivity of 0,023 W/mk according to the standard EN 253.

The end customer and renewables merchant involved with supply of this system all worked together to achieve an engineered solution for the project, customer satisfaction being our main priority. Anaerobic Digestion Plant August 2018- Herfordshire

System installed:

ECOPEX® fully bonded system

  • 110mm Pre-insulated PEX
  • 75mm Pre-insulated PEX
  • Press fittings and heat shrink tees

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